What is Residential Eating Disorders Treatment

Residential eating disorder treatment provides 24 hour multidisciplinary care for individuals with eating disorders who are unable to abstain from eating disorder behaviors and/or achieve eating disorder treatment goals in a lower level of care. Residential treatment is appropriate for individuals who need 24 hour supervision to address eating disorder symptoms, thoughts, and behaviors, but are medically stable such that inpatient medical or psychiatric hospitalization is not required.

The 24 hour supervision and treatment characteristic of residential eating disorder treatment allows the individual to gain an accurate and helpful understanding of the eating disorder and related problems, decrease eating disorder symptoms and behaviors, and establish new, more health promoting behaviors and coping mechanisms. Residential eating disorder treatment aims to improve physical and mental health, establish effective emotional management and behavioral self-regulation, address maintaining factors of the eating disorder, and prepare the individual for lower levels of treatment through psychotherapeutic, nutritional, medical, and psychiatric interventions and education in relapse prevention techniques.

With comprehensive residential eating disorder treatment of adequate duration, individuals can achieve full and lasting eating disorder recovery.