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Aloria Health Aloria Health

More than treatment.

Aloria Health is the collective vision of experienced health care workers who have come together to fully realize the untapped potential of eating disorder care. For far too long, eating disorder treatment has valued diagnosis and behavioral control over unconditional positive regard and the person. At Aloria Health, we lead our clients toward a path of strength and promise. Through an approach that includes more than treatment, we give individuals the tools needed to become their best selves. Aloria Health offers the full continuum of care for people with food and body related issues through, residential care, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient. For more information please visit us at www.aloriahealth.com or give us a call at (844) 801-9529.

Cambridge Eating Disorder Center Cambridge Eating Disorder Center

Cambridge Eating Disorder Center (CEDC) provides a comprehensive continuum of high quality specialized services in a community setting to individuals suffering from eating disorders. CEDC’s treatment program focuses on reducing the eating disorder symptoms and understanding their development and function. CEDC offers the following levels of care to meet the needs of both adolescents and adults: residential, partial hospital, intensive outpatient, outpatient and transitional living. For additional information, please visit us at www.eatingdisordercenter.org or call (617) 547–2255.

Castlewood Treatment Centers for Eating Disorders Castlewood Treatment Centers for Eating Disorders

Castlewood is a Residential Treatment Center in St. Louis, Missouri & Pacific Grove, California offering compassionate, empowering, and professional treatment for Eating Disorders and co-occurring disorders. Castlewood also offers an intensive day treatment program with transitional living at The Highlands in Birmingham, AL. Castlewood takes gender diverse clients ages 16 and older. For each individual, the eating disorder is the outcome of a complex developmental track. While the eating disorder is a distinct disorder, it is also a symptom of the person’s attempt to cope with other struggles. Our mission at Castlewood is not to churn out weight-restored clients who merely look healthy to others. The mission of therapy for eating disorders at Castlewood is to identify and address the internal wounds of our clients. For more information please contact us at 1-888-822-8938 or www.castlewoodtc.com.

Center For Change Center For Change

Center for Change is a place of hope and healing that is committed to helping women and adolescent girls break free and fully recover from their eating disorders. The Center uses a multi-disciplinary approach with specialized and intensive treatment for eating disorders under the care of a supportive and experienced staff. The Center offers comprehensive programs – from acute inpatient, residential care, day & evening programs, to outpatient and aftercare. Most importantly, Center for Change offers a loving and safe environment where individuals can reclaim their lives: body, mind, and spirit. Center for Change is accredited by The Joint Commission, Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), and is TRICARE® certified. For more information contact the Center at 888-224-8250 or visit www.centerforchange.com.

Center For Discovery Center For Discovery

JCAHO accredited and state licensed, Center for Discovery offers separate residential eating disorder treatment for adolescent males and females ages 10 – 18 and adult women 18 and over in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Virginia, and Washington. Each location provides a warm home-like setting that offers an excellent staff to client ratio by limiting the number of residents to no more than eight per facility. Center for Discovery eating disorder treatment works with those who are struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and other co-occurring issues such as self-injurious behaviors, trauma, mood disorders, severe family discord, and addictive disorders. Discovery treatment utilizes a family systems approach combined with an intensive "hands on" nutrition progam, comprehensive medical assessment, personally tailored behavioral interventions, and a unique treatment environment that supports re-nourishment and long-term recovery for residents. Discovery’s nutrition program promotes active participation in the kitchen. As they progress in their recovery, residents will be involved in menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, and daily cooking. Discovery offers an individualized and concentrated treatment program, under 24-hour supervision, with weekly family involvement including the Discovery Therapeutic Family Meal. Discovery offers intensive outpatient programming at select locations throughout the country. Programming for adults and adolescents is separate with awareness given to their different emotional and developmental needs. Center for Discovery contracts with most major insurance providers and will provide a complimentary benefits check. For more information, call 800-760-3934 or visit www.centerfordiscovery.com.

Carolina House Carolina House

Situated in the heart of North Carolina, Carolina House, offers residential eating disorders treatment, providing exceptional care to individuals with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and related issues. We seek to treat the whole person, and promote the development of strong, life-long emotional and behavioral skills that allow the patient to maintain physical and mental health. We utilize a Dialectical Behavior Therapy approach and form relationships with our patients founded on dignity and respect, always with an understanding and appreciation of the role an eating disorder has played in their lives. For additional please call 919-372-7951 or visit www.carolinaeatingdisorders.com.

Center for Hope of the Sierras Center for Hope of the Sierras

Located in Reno, Nevada and nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Center for Hope of the Sierras offers residential, extended partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs for the treatment of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, and related disorders. In addition, we offer a highly specialized track for the treatment of co-occurring diabetes and eating disorders that is among the first in the country. The Center for Hope’s beautiful country style home and brand new outpatient facility offers a welcoming and supportive environment with a unique home-like experience for treatment. Surrounded by wrapping porches, lush landscaping, and an outdoor fireplace, Center for Hope is truly an ideal setting for healing and recovery.

Eating Recovery Center Eating Recovery Center

Eating Recovery Center (ERC) is the only national, vertically integrated, health care system dedicated to the treatment of serious eating and related disorders at any stage of the illness. ERC offers best-in-class treatment programs for all patients, no matter their age or gender, struggling from: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, eating and weight disorder, unspecified eating disorders, as well as comorbid, co-occurring and dual diagnoses. Led by the world’s leading experts in eating disorder treatment, ERC provides a full spectrum of eating disorder recovery services through an unmatched network of multiple locations across seven states. Visit us online at eatingrecovery.com, or contact us today at 877-218-1344 or info@eatingrecovery.com.

The Emily Program The Emily Program

The Emily Program has provided personalized treatment for individuals struggling with eating disorders since 1993. The Emily Program offers residential treatment at the Anna Westin House-Adult (16 beds) and Anna Westin House Adolescent and Young Adult (10 beds) programs. The Emily Program also offers outpatient services across Minnesota and in Washington, including individual, family, and group psychological, nutrition, medical, and psychiatric services, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), and Intensive Day Programs (IDP)/Partial Hospital Programs(PHP). We welcome individuals across all ages, gender, and sexual orientation who struggle with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive overeating, binge eating disorder, and eating disorder not otherwise specified.

Fairhaven Treatment Center Fairhaven Treatment Center

Fairhaven is a residential and outpatient treatment center that offers an opportunity for recovery from disordered eating in a structured, supportive, and tranquil environment. Located on nine wooded acres, Fairhaven exists to provide sanctuary and therapeutic support to women struggling to transcend the mental, physical and emotional health crises that frequently result from disordered eating. Symptom control is foundational but true recovery requires much more, including treatment protocols recognized as the standard of care for eating disorders and the often co-occurring problems including depression, anxiety, and other complicating variables. Fairhaven applies a multidisciplinary approach using psychiatric, psychological, nutritional, and community resources.

Focus Healthcare of Tennessee Focus Healthcare of Tennessee

Focus Healthcare of Tennessee’s Eating Disorder Program specializes in the treatment of Anorexia, Bulimia, binge eating and associated disorders for adult women. We believe individuals can recover from eating disorders and lead happy, healthy, productive lives. Focus Healthcare of Tennessee is pleased to have world-renowned eating disorder specialist Dr. Anita Johnston as our Senior Expert and weekly Clinical Consultant to our program. Dr. Anita Johnston is the author of Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform their Relationship with Food through Myth, Metaphor and Storytelling which has been published in five languages.

Insight Behavioral Health Centers Insight Behavioral Health Centers

Insight Behavioral Health Centers provides intensive treatment for eating disorders, mood disorders and anxiety disorders for a adults and adolescents in the Chicago area. We offer intensive outpatient, partial hospital, individual, and group levels of care, and our staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and registered dietitians. Millenium Place is our transitional living program for women in downtown Chicago. For more information, please call us at 312-540-9955 or visit us online at insightbhc.com.

Laureate Eating Disorders Program Laureate Eating Disorders Program

The Laureate Eating Disorders Program offers a full continuum of care for eating disorder recovery, including acute hospitalization, residential care, partial hospitalization, transitional living and outpatient services. A multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, therapists, dietitians and nurses collaborate daily to meet the individual needs of each patient in a safe, supportive environment. By limiting care to 18 adult women and 15 adolescent girls the program maintains a more intimate environment to ensure individualized, patient-centered care. Separate tracks for adult and adolescent patients allow for developmentally-specific treatment. Laureate is a not-for-profit facility and is fully accredited by The Joint Commission.

McCallum Place McCallum Place

McCallum Place—a nationally acclaimed eating disorders treatment center for females, males, adolescents, and adults—provides the full continuum of treatment, including care of co-occurring conditions. Our psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists, and dietitians provide patients with medical and psychiatric care for complications associated with eating disorders, women’s health, weight management, obesity, eating disorders in males, body image issues, muscle dysmorphia, and specialized psychotherapies. For more information about McCallum Place’s levels of care, visit mccallumplace.com. Coming in 2012 is a specialized track for athletes, called The Victory Program. This program will help athletes find a healthy balance between personal perfection and competitive success.

Montecatini Montecatini

Located in the beautiful north coastal area of San Diego, California, Montecatini specializes in the comprehensive care of adult women struggling with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating and associated disorders. Since 1991, we have successfully treated hundreds of women with eating disorders and have become nationally recognized for providing services at the Residential, Partial Hospital and Intensive Outpatient levels care. The key to our success is having a multi-disciplinary staff that specializes in various modalities and co-occurring disorders. Our patients are an integral partner in the treatment process and participate in all aspects of their care plan. Our intensive, structured and dynamic program as well as a high staff to patient ratio allows us to deliver the personalized care necessary.

Monte Nido and Affiliates Monte Nido and Affiliates

Founder, Carolyn Costin, recovered herself, created Monte Nido and Affiliates in order to provide state of the art eating disorder treatment in a home like setting surrounded by the beauty and serenity of nature. Expert clinicians, many of whom are recovered, provide evidenced based treatment, medical monitoring, nutritional rehabilitation, mindfulness and skills training for symptom control and relapse prevention. Our individualized program takes 6 to 12 clients through a unique level system to gain increasing responsibility and competency over recovery related behaviors from shopping and cooking to weight and mood stabilization. Residential, transition house, PHP, IOP. See outcome study; www.montenido.com.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers offers residential, partial hospitalization, transitional living, and intensive outpatient programs for women with eating disorders and exercise addiction. Our mission is to genuinely connect with each individual, address the core issues driving the disorder, and provide the tools needed to live a meaningful life. Our treatment is therapeutically grounded, and our innovative protocols are based on a thorough understanding of eating disorders and the unique experience of each person affected by one. Please visit www.oliverpyattcenters.com for more information.

At Clementine, we support adolescents and their families on the path to full recovery by preparing each adolescent to navigate the challenges of life free of the eating disorder. We provide the empathy, education, and support to families as partners in the recovery process. We help each adolescent to replace the eating disorder with healthy skills and a deep understanding of how to live a life  that reflects their own unique individuality. Please visit www.clementineprograms.com for more information.

Reflections Eating Disorder Treatment Center at Dominion Hospital Reflections Eating Disorder Treatment Center at Dominion Hospital

Reflections @ Dominion Hospital, located just outside Washington, DC,  provides exceptional evidence-based care to males and females ages 9-adult struggling with Eating Disorders.  We are experienced at treating Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and ARFID.  Our comprehensive therapeutic program provides medical, nutritional and emotional support. With 8 inpatient beds, we are able to provide 24-hour care to patients in needs of constant support.  Our 11 ½ -hour day Partial Hospitalization Program allows patients who do not need 24-hour support to have comprehensive meal and therapeutic support.  All patients, no matter what the level of care have daily contact with their attending psychiatrist, three times weekly therapy (a combination of individual and family) and support from our team of Registered Dietitians. We believe strongly in the power of exposure therapy. Our day patients have multiple opportunities during their treatment with us to experience “real life” activities such as dining at a restaurant, grocery shopping and recreational activities with the support of peers and clinicians. Patients tell us over and over that it is our caring staff that has made their treatment experience so positive. As one of only two programs in the country to be Disease Specific Certified by the Joint Commission, Reflections provides unparalleled individualized care.  We are an in-network provider with most major insurances.  For more information, please contact our Intake Coordinator at 703-538-2886.

The Renfrew Center The Renfrew Center

The Renfrew Center has been a pioneer in the treatment of eating disorders since 1985. As the nation’s first residential eating disorder facility, now with eleven locations throughout the country, Renfrew has provided more than 60,000 women with eating disorders the tools they need to succeed — in recovery and in life. In warm and nurturing environments, Renfrew provides a full continuum of care, including Residential, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Nutrition Therapy and Psychiatric Consultation. Renfrew has contracts with most managed care companies and is a preferred provider for many major insurance companies.

Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders

Rosewood is world renowned for treating women, men and adolescents struggling with eating disorders, co-occurring mental disorders and addictions. A fully accredited and licensed hospital, we offer the full continuum of care at our facilities in the serene Arizona desert. Individuals move seamlessly between levels of treatment based upon their evolving medical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. We treat the entire person within a warm, nurturing and holistic setting that involves experiential therapy, DBT skills development, family therapy and holistic, alternative therapies. Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders® has over a decade of experience treating bulimia, anorexia, binge eating disorder and the underlying issues faced by the men, women and adolescent who come to us for help.

Timberline Knolls Timberline Knolls

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center is located on 43 beautiful acres just outside Chicago, offering a nurturing environment of recovery for women and girls ages 12 and older struggling to overcome eating disorders, substance abuse, mood disorders, trauma and co-occurring disorders.  Women seeking Christian treatment can opt for specialized Christian-based therapy.  Our integrated, trauma-aware clinical approach includes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), 12 step recovery principles, expressive therapies and family participation. By serving with uncompromising care, relentless compassion and an unconditional joyful spirit, we help our residents help themselves in their recovery.  For more information, visit www.timberlineknolls.com or call 877.257.9611.

Veritas Collaborative Veritas Collaborative

Veritas Collaborative is a specialty hospital system for the treatment of eating disorders. With locations in Durham, NC, Richmond, VA, and Atlanta, GA, Veritas provides a range of services for individuals of all ages, including inpatient, acute residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient levels of care. Accredited by The Joint Commission, Veritas Collaborative delivers individualized, evidence-based care in a gender-diverse and inclusive environment. Multidisciplinary treatment teams – made up of physicians, psychiatrists, dietitians, culinary professionals, therapists, nurses, and skilled therapeutic assistants – aim to equip individuals and families with skills to continue recovery in the home environment. At every turn, Veritas Collaborative’s focus is on ensuring that each patient’s plan of care is cohesive, attainable, sustainable, and geared toward long-term recovery.

Walden Behavioral Care Walden Behavioral Care

Walden Behavioral Care offers a full system of specialized care for individuals and families impacted by all types of eating disorders. Our commitment is to provide the most personalized support and best chance for a lasting recovery, as close to home as possible for those across New England and Georgia. Walden’s programming spans all levels of care – inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient care – for those with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and other specified feeding or eating disorders (OSFED). Locations include Amherst, Braintree, Milford, Peabody, Waltham and Worcester, Mass.; Guilford, South Windsor and Vernon, Conn; and Alpharetta, Decatur and Dunwoody, Ga. Additional information is available at www.WaldenEatingDisorders.com.